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Cristi’s Outreach

Cristi’s Outreach Foundation is a branch of the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children, located in Barlad, Romania. The Foundation provides free technical expertise, education and therapy for children with special needs (i.e. Autism, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disorders) between birth to six years in age. Children with developmental disabilites often have serious behavioral deficits (i.e. no or limited expressive/ receptive language, limited social skills, tantrum behaviors, etc.) Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the only intervention empirically proven to teach a variety of skills to overcome defecits. The therapy involves a breaking down of skills into small, discrete and measurable tasks that are taught through a highly structured clinical method.

When we first opened our therapeutic center in Barlad in 2001, ABA was an unknown concept in Romania. Children with Autism and/or other developmental disabilites were given little to no hope of making any progress and many of them were either abandoned or placed in institutions.

All of Cristi’s Outreach Foundation’s services are completely free of charge to any family or organization working with a child with a developmental disability between the ages of birth to 6 years.

For more information, contact Nicoleta-Carmen Ababi-Caravelea at or call 00335230294 or 0749627672.

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International Remote Consultation 

Remote Consultation is a video conference parent training consultation service provided by the BWFfor families of children 0-6 years old affected by autism or other developmental disabilities that chose to provide ABA services in their home rather than a therapeutic center.  The purpose of a remote consultation is to help parents become, not an expert in autism, but an expert on their own child –feeling self-sufficient and confident in making teaching and behavioral decisions for their child.  For many parents, Remote Consultation is the best option because it is more affordable than daily sessions at a therapeutic center, it provides more consistency for their child across all environments, and it may even be the only available resource for those who cannot access ABA services locally.

Consultations provide ongoing parent training to address the incorporation of behavioral principles into daily routines, specific curriculum programming, and guidance for applying a consistent and structured teaching environment in order to systematically increase language and communication, cognitive, self-help, social and/or play skills. Each Remote Consultation is conducted by a Woodallkids Outreach Consultant on a regular basis in order to provide immediate feedback, problem solving discussion, and progress evaluation. Parents are expected to carry-out the discussed recommendations with their child between each consultation.  In addition, consultants may use short training videos and readings to provide additional support and understanding for parents.  Select Outreach programs may be able to offer an in-home Woodallkids Representative upon request.

Each family completes a comprehensive intake packet which includes a parent assessment scale. Woodallkids Consultants then use this information, along with the parent’s strongest areas of concern, to help create an individualized ABA curriculum and/or behavioral plan for their child at home. Woodallkids Consultants may recommend an Intensive Intervention Consultation, a Behavior Intervention Consultation, or both depending on the individual needs of the family at that time. Read more. 

For more information, contact or call 1-800-209-9776 (toll-free) or 972-756-9170 (local).

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Outreach in the Outback

Outreach in the Outback is a Woodallkids Outreach Remote Consultation program in Australia that allows families to video conference with a Woodallkids Consultant on a consistent basis via Skype in order to access guidance as parents learn to create a personalized ABA program for their child at home.  Some Outreach in the Outback services in the Central Coast region (within 20 km of the Wyong Shire) may be able to offer an in-home Woodallkids Representative to meet in conjunction with the Woodallkids Consultant in order to provide additional training support at home.

Outreach in the Outback clients adhere to all Remote Consultation policies, prices, and program requirements, including active participation, personal access to a computer, a video system, a Skype account and an active credit card for billing purposes. Read more. 

For more information, contact or call 1-800-209-9776 (toll-free) or 972-756-9170 (local).

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  • Remote Consultation Services $75.00/ 2 hours, $100.00/ 3 hours
  • Family FIRST Free