The mission of the Brent Woodall Foundation is to empower parents of children with autism and developmental disabilities and to encourage their involvement in their children’s therapy by providing educational training, customized academic and behavioral plans, psychological assessments, and modest financial support.



While there is no cure for autism, there are many treatments available. The Brent Woodall Foundation uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach and improve the level of functioning in children with autism. Children with developmental disabilities often have serious deficits (i.e. none or limited expressive/receptive language, limited social skills, limited independent living skills, TwoKidsetc.) and ABA has been used to teach a variety of skills to overcome such deficits. In addition, ABA has been shown to successfully decrease behavioral excess (i.e. aggressive behaviors, tantrum behaviors, etc.) often demonstrated by children with autism. ABA uses rewards to engage children and teach them new skills. The therapy involves a breaking down of skills into small, discrete, and measurable tasks that are taught through a highly structured clinical method. ABA is the only intervention empirically proven to provide results. What makes our approach unique is not only are the programs clinically individualized to address each child’s particular cognitive problems, social deficits, and behavioral issues, but they also take into consideration the roles various family members can play in the treatment of the child. All services provided by the Foundation are offered at little to no cost. Our programs show families how to connect with their children not only by educating them about autism and other developmental disabilities, but also by providing them with the technical training necessary to understand their children’s treatment programs and how to carry these programs out at home.