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“I learned that a person is never as important as when they kneel down to help a child and I learned that the secret to happiness is not just doing what brings you joy, but doing what you must do with joy.”

– Nicoleta Carmen Ababi-Caravelea,
Director of Cristi’s Outreach Foundation


 70Sponsor a Child

Make a world of difference in the life of a child in Romania.

1048470_10151670431768641_445716717_o (1)Support Education

Empower children with developmental disabilities with low-cost education. 

 Button_10$10 will pay for three social and language skills groups for a child.


Button_70$70 will pay for one week of one-to-one ABA therapy for a child.


Button_280$280 will pay for one month of life-changing one-to-one therapy for a child.

Button_15$15 will pay for an educational toy or set of materials for Cristi’s Outreach children.



$100 will pay for one month of the school preparatory program for a child.


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 Thank you from the Cristi’s Outreach Children!