All Cristi”s Outreach programs are offered to families of children with developmental disabilities in Romania at a significantly reduced cost. For more information and to find out how to enroll your child on one of these programs, contact Nicoleta-Carmen Ababi-Caravelea at or call 00335230294 or 0749627672.


Intensive Intervention Program

1The program provides one-to-one center-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children from birth to eight years of age. Children with autism and other developmental disabilities receive between 10 hours and 40 hours per month of therapy, based on need. Individualized behavioral intervention is delivered by highly trained ABA therapists and progress is documented along the way to ensure appropriateness of services for each child. Families interested in the Intensive Intervention Program can contact Cristi’s Outreach office and set up an appointment. During the initial meeting the social worker at Cristi’s Outreach completes an intake with the parents. Following the intake, the foundation’s psychologist completes an assessment of the child’s skills and provides recommendations for ABA therapy and a schedule for the child to attend services. Each child is assigned a case manager who oversees their programming and provides parent training in ABA techniques in order for the parents to follow through with skill acquisition and maintenance at home.



School Preparation Group

wordpress_logo_button3The program provides children with autism and developmental disabilities with the opportunity to practice skills necessary for being integrated into a regular education program. The School Preparation Group meets four times per week for one hour and is conducted by a trained educator. The activities address a variety of areas of development, including language, communication, reading, math, gross and fine motor skills. Children who attend this program also learn school readiness skills, such as attending to the teacher, waiting for their turn, and raising their hand.



Group Activities

125Cristi’s Outreach Foundation offers several groups that focus on the development of a variety of skills in a group setting. Language and communication skills groups, gross motor groups, fine motor groups, and music groups are conducted weekly. Children with developmental disabilities learn to attend to a teacher in a group setting, play with friends, and acquire language and social skills necessary for interactions with others. Each group session is one hour long and is conducted by an experienced ABA therapist. Group sessions are held at the Cristi’s Outreach office daily and children can attend up to five groups per week.

COST: 10 RON/1 hour


Remote Consultation via Video Conferencing

Outback Consult#1 BWFramedConsultation with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is offered remotely in Romanian. This program is designed to offer services to families who cannot directly attend a center-based behavioral program for their child with autism or other developmental disabilities. Families, who want to work at home with their child on developing skills and improving overall behavior, can contact the foundation to make an appointment for an initial consultation. The consultant will collaborate with the parent in order to identify the child’s strengths and areas of concern and to establish the family’s individual needs regarding intervention. Parents will work on individual goals at home and meet with the BCBA as often as possible to receive feedback, problem-solve, and create new goals. Video-conference consulting offers access to individualized intervention to children who cannot receive direct services in the area in which they live and to families who need individualized in-home support.

COST: 50 USD or 150 RON per 2 hours


Targeted Intervention for Parent Support

Maria si mama (3)TIPS addresses the shortfall in Romania’s accessible behavioral support services by teaching effective, empirically-based therapeutic practices which are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). This program targets parents of developmentally delayed children with few resources and care-takers of developmentally delayed orphans. TIPS will address deficits in language development, cognitive development, academic skills, self-help skills, and social skills by providing individualized training for parents and caretakers, with children ages birth to six years of age with developmental delays. Initial TIPS training will be conducted over three hours and will include an individualized assessment, evaluation, and parent training in ABA. Training will be presented to parents and caretakers using modeling, hands on training, and individualized feedback. Three follow up sessions will be conducted within one month of the initial TIPS training. Each follow-up session will last three hours. Additional training can be scheduled on an individualized basis.
All TIPS sessions will be held at the Cristi’s Outreach office located in Barlad, Romania.


**TIPS is partially funded through the 2011 International Development Grant from the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis