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Group Raising Money for Autistic Boy Who Lost Mother in House Fire
The CW33
By Robert Wheeler

ARLINGTON- Zachary Haney is like a lot of 9-year-olds — curious and full of energy. Yet, one thing that separates Zachary from other kids is his health; he lives with P.E.D.N.O.S — Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. The disorder is a form of Autism. Read more and watch video.

Carnival lowers barriers for autistic kids
By Sissy Courtney Rambler Newspapers

“This is one of our favorite events because our families get to interact in activities they normally wouldn’t get to have an opportunity to do,” said Tracy Pierce Bender, founder and director of the Woodall Foundation. “It makes them feel like typical kids. They can bring their family, bring their friends, and everybody has a good time.” Read more.


How one family’s 9/11 tragedy became a saving grace for others with autism
Dallas News, Kristie Smith

“It was so frustrating hearing about unusual therapies that promised to ‘cure’ autism — that was no help at all,” Leigh said. “Our first step in real, statistically proven help came from Tracy Woodall’s nonprofit organization. That is when we were given vital information that was very helpful for our situation.” Read more.


Notes for Autism
Irving Rambler
Written by the Brent Woodall Foundation

“To see how far the foundation has come in ten years in the midst of great tragedy and an economic recession that has swept across our country is amazing,” said Erin Alcorn, an administrative assistant and music therapist at the foundation. “It shows how resilient and determined Tracy and the Foundation are…” Read article.
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Notes for Autism Musical Dec. 1 at Van Cliburn
Coppell Gazette

“We believe that every family has the right to the highest quality of services to help their children, no matter the financial situation. All services provided by the foundation are offered at little to no cost…” Read article. 


Brent Woodall Foundation’s Walkabout for Autism is called a Big Success
Coppell Gazette

“Saturday was a busy, exciting day at Andy Brown Park East in Coppell as about 200 people came to the park to take part in the eighth annual Walkabout for Autism, sponsored by the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children in Irving [Texas].” Read article.


Walkabout Fundraiser for Autism
Irving Rambler

“The Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children (BWF) will host its 8th Annual Walkabout for Autism and Fitness Challenge on Sep. 22 at the Andrew Brown Community Park East in Coppell…” Read article.


Walkabout for Autism
Irving Rambler

” Family event raises awareness, funds for program for children with developmental delays…” Read article.


Foundation Gives Help + Hope to Families Affected by Autism
Dallas Morning News

“As a baby, Aaron Bouck wanted no part of his mother’s cuddling. As a toddler, he didn’t talk. Any change in routine – like getting into the black car when the family usually takes the red car – could trigger a tantrum…” Read Article


Katie Is First In U.S. To Get Aid From Special Foundation”
Brunswick Sun

“It was an unexpected set of circumstances that led one Brunswick family to a better life for their autistic child…”  Read Article


Walking for a Cause
Dallas Morning News

“Families came out in droves Saturday to walk in support of those affected by autism…”  Read Article


Foundation hosts walk to raise money for autism”
Coppell Gazette

“Andy Brown Jr. Community Park East will play host to the first ever Brent Woodall Foundation Walkabout for Autism…” Read Article


Walk for awareness
Dallas Morning News

“The first annual “Walkabout” to raise awareness of autism…”  Read Article


Autism nonprofit carries on man’s spirit, love of kids
Dallas Morning News

Tracy Woodall of Coppell will not let terrorism defeat her… Read Article


Strengthening The Good

“…the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children has been profiled by the Strengthen The Good network of bloggers…”  Read Article


The Fervor and the Solace
Dallas Morning News

“As a college student, Tracy Woodall watched in awe as therapists transformed a violent and incoherent autistic girl into an affectionate, loving child…” Read Article


Out of Tragedy Comes Hope
“They decided to start the foundation by forming a board of directors including members with expertise in psychology, social work, education, accounting and technical support…”  Read Article


Growing Taller, Getting Stronger
Primetime Revisits Babies Born Post-Sept. 11

“In June 2002, Primetime assembled 61 women who were widowed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and their 63 babies. Diane Sawyer revisits the women and their children on the second anniversary of the attacks. (”  Read Article