When we were scared, searching, and feeling quite hopeless…

Written by Kerri, a Woodallkid’s mom

The Brent Woodall Foundation came into our lives at a time when we were scared, searching, and feeling quite hopeless. Our 2 year old son at the time had just been diagnosed with autism and we were quickly discovering that the price to help our little boy was very much out of our reach. We were lost and heartbroken.

We were so fortunate to meet Tracy Pierce Bender and the Brent Woodall Foundation. What an amazing non-profit organization with a mission to help children with autism and their families. From all I have seen in the past 4 years, they go above and beyond to do exactly that. My son loves his therapists that he spends time with every day and he has learned and grown so much. We have learned to teach our child at home and communicate with him and owe all of this to the Brent Woodall Foundation.

When our son started there he was a very withdrawn little toddler who did not even make eye contact or acknowledge us. He has come a long way and I am so excited to see where he can go. The Brent Woodall Foundation designs and adapts his programs to work for him, because every child is different. If something does not work for him, they change it. They are easy to talk to and work with and they clearly care about my child. I drop off my little boy every day into loving, capable hands and pick him up with the feeling that my child is understood and respected. They are his “team” and like family. We celebrate his successes together. What more could I ask for?

Through parent training and other support, the Brent Woodall Foundation has also given us the skills and confidence to be better parents to our son, to teach him and learn from him. Thanks to Tracy Pierce Bender and the Brent Woodall Foundation we have found the qualified, loving, and dedicated therapy that our child so needs and which has brought us so much comfort and happiness. The thought brings me to tears regularly. I am beyond grateful to them and always will be.

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