Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

As per our policy, in addition to individual parent meetings, parents are required to attend at least 3 hours of group parent training per 6 months. If parents choose not to attend our group parent meetings, please bring a certificate of attendance from an outside conference or workshop to fulfill this requirement. Failure to meet the parent involvement policy may result in suspension of client services or changes in authorization from the insurance company.


If your child receives BLIP, CONSULTATION, or AFTERSCHOOL ACADEMY services, group parent meetings are not mandatory but is highly recommended.


For any changes and updates regarding group parent meetings, please follow our Facebook and website.


If you have any questions regarding group parent meeting, please email Yurmea,




BWF Parents Facebook Group

The BWF Parents Facebook group is a wonderful way to get involved and connect with other parents. Why not have some fun while supporting your child? To join this group, log on to your Facebook account, search for “BWF Parents”, and click “Join Group.”