Andrei’s Story


Andrei 1The name Andrei means masculine, courageous, fighter. However, every fighter needs help and support, and that is exactly what you, the family at the Cristi’s Outreach Foundation, did. You gave Andrei the help he needed to fight with life.

What would Andrei be today without your help? He would be a little boy who does not know that his name is Andrei. He would not know that he is actually a boy, that his eyes are the color blue, that he has two hands and two feet, nor would he know that he has a mother, a father, and a sister, and that he likes to go walk in the park. He would not even know that he wants water when he is thirsty.

It has been two years that we have fought along Andrei’s side; two years that feel like 20 years when things are hard and like two moments when we take a look at him and see how much he has grown. He has grown a lot, step by step, and skill by skill. He became the Andrei of today – a happy child who amazes me every day with what he has learned; a child who watches with enthusiasm the Facebook videos of himself, his group of friends and his “mothers” at the foundation. He is a lucky child; he is lucky that he had the chance of knowing you and of learning a great deal of things about life from you.

In the beginning, we were scared and we felt defeated. Now we look shyly toward a better future in which Andrei looks us in the eyes and tells us about his latest adventures. We look toward a future that would have not existed without you. For that future, we thank you.

Andrei and his family